Dab Rigs and Concentrates

26 Jan

If you've ever seen the video of an electronic music artist doing loops with a giant, glowing plastic guitar then you've probably heard of dab rugs or dab rigs. A dab rig is simply the chamber of a plastic glass bowl, attached to either a banger or nail, usually located on the outside of a bong, used for dabbing. Dab rigs are known to take some getting used to, as the rig itself is quite fragile. It can break if you're not careful, and if it does, you'll need to replace it with another one, usually costing a lot of money. It can also become quite a messy proposition trying to mix different kinds of paints and dyes. Get to learn more about dab rigs here. 

Dab Rigs is made from a variety of different materials, all of which have different strengths. Dab-Rigs that are made out of steel, vinyl, and even glass are available. The majority of dab rigs, even those that are made out of non-metallic materials, are powered by a motorized screw joint that enables them to be tilted. The screws are designed to be placed in both male and female joints.

To use dab rigs, first put your hands on the rig. Place a dab of concentrate into the center of the plastic tube, cover with your index finger and thumb, and hold onto the tube with your free hand. Turn the dial to the high position and inhale deeply while pressing the button. Inhale and push again in order to inhale through the other hole in the tube. Hold the rig in this position for a few seconds before you switch positions to the low position, which puts less concentration on inhalation and outtake. Get the top rated dab rigs at Brothers with Glass today. 

Most dab rigs will not work in water pipes where the water pressure is too low to warrant the high power of the screw joint in the device. However, there are a few rig models available for these water pipes, including the vapor dome. This is a Dab Rig that consists of two domes - one dome contains a small amount of wax, while the other contains a little bit of water. A little water gets soaked up by the wax while the small portion of the dome containing the wax provides sufficient vapor to encourage a hot vapor to rise.

These dab rigs are popular in bars, parties, or as showpieces, because they look really good. Many people prefer to smoke Dab Rigs in dark, humid places. A nice addition to any room is a glass rig - it looks nice, is easy to hide (a banger), and provides protection against accidental burns. The glass also allows a person to shift their head from side to side, allowing them to view the temperature inside. The glass in these rigs is usually clear, so that it does not hinder vision.

The concentrate has to be extremely cold to prevent burning, but this means that the concentrate should be stored in a different location from the cannabis until it is ready to use. Glass concentrates can sometimes taste unpleasant, especially if they have been stored in a refrigerator. Pouring concentrated cannabis into your drink is probably not the best idea - you could possibly cause an allergic reaction or worse. Take a look at this post https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_smoking expounding more on cannabis smoking. 

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